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Merrin finds inspiration for her songs in electro and female rock singers. Currently, she teaches music in Luxembourg but has lived all over the world.


Johannes has extensive knowledge of the guitar, live music and the studio as well as a long career in the ‘greater region’.

Clare Williams

Clare Williams – actress, theatre director, visual design director Clare is English and lives in Luxembourg. She arrived in the region in 2014. She has a long career as a theater educator in England and Luxembourg. She has been working since 2014 at St George’s International School, where she has developed with great success a comprehensive theatre and performing arts program. From her childhood, she was passionate about performing arts. However, ‘On Arrival’ is her first attempt to bring live performance together with cinematography and she looks forward to the next one.

Photographs by Christian Schnipowski

The name Schmidtsmith is a combination of the German and English surnames which represent where they come from. It also represents the craft that they put into creating a song.