On Arrival

crossover art performance

Schmidtsmith are collaborating with Clare Williams, an actor and director, to create a synaesthetic experience of music, visuals and stage performance to take you on a journey through one night.

A stunning debut of electro pop and rock –songs to dance to, songs to live through. ‘On Arrival’ explores themes of loneliness and dislocation. Without our family and community as touchstones, we lose integral parts of our selves and have to reconstruct an identity from unfamiliar moments and new connections. This process is crystallised into one hedonistic night; each song a step into an altered life and a farewell to the past. We end with the hope that there are other travellers on the road with us.

DJ FRIDAY- Feeling strange and disconnected, we dance through it.

CAN’T CARRY ON- An air of desperation because we don’t know what we are doing. We are in shock about leaving our old life. Someone offers us but we are not ready to accept.

TAKE ME AS YOU FIND ME- We find courage in being bolder and braver than our normal selves. We make connections even if some of them are shallow. This is a short-lived triumph.

SOMETIMES YOU’RE IN A BAR- Life is confusing, swirling, discombobulating, especially after a drink or two. The people around us make us feel uneasy.

DANS L’ESPACE  – We need to walk outside and look up at the stars.

 CAN I CALL?- We fall into dwelling on a past life, wishing to return to it.

 I WILL CROSS THE OCEANS- Eventually come feelings of hope, possibility and new connections. Loneliness or adventure?